About The Book


Are there secret things from your past that are difficult to deal with?

Things such as incest, rape and other types of abuses. These may have over shadowed your past and present; and can threaten to ruin your future? 

This book is your ticket on your journey to hope and healing. If you have suffered incest, abuse and other traumas, but have never found the true, life-giving, answers to deal with your pain; then this book was written just for you.  This book will take you on a vigorous and compelling journey.  However, know that the end results can bring a life free from your current pain; and fulfillment beyond your wildest expectation.  

There are many self-help and recovery books available. However, few offer their readers as complete and definitive a solution as this book has for you.  Not only does Help for The Wounded Soul offers a fresh and compelling view of the experiences you may have suffered it gives you the opportunity to address the underlying issues that have developed in your life since then. 

This book, and companion workbook, will take you from being a victim to being victorious!   

About The Author


Dr. Patti Mack-Tucker is an award-winning author with over 22 years experience in ordained ministry and Pastoral Counseling.  She is a highly-sought after conference speaker; having traveled both nationally and internationally for several decades.

She is a full-time Pastor and ministry founder with several international churches inside her organization. She is the host of a weekly television and radio program and is an often-featured speaker on several local and internet-based television stations. Dr. Patti has been in business for almost 40 years and has been married to her husband, Cline, for over years.   

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